Klaus Reckmann


Personnel management (external) / Human Resources – Interim Management

This service is provided to small and medium sized companies with the target to accompany the employees starting from employment until leaving of the company.

This includes:

  • finding capable personnel
  • introduction of personnel
  • personnel development
  • disciplinary measurements
  • questions of compensation and benefits

Through external personnel management (HR-Interim Management) I have received professional support in establishing my personnel. I now have a lot more time for clients and can therefore be more responsive to their wishes. We have achieved a better working climate and for the new employee I was able to take more time myself.

Jörg H., Managing Director, age 46, Frankfurt

Optimal development of the next generation, tailored to the individual needs of the company -investment in the future!

Janine B., Bachelor in Economics, age 28, Duesseldorf

Trainee Management (external) and organization of career and trainee fairs

Based on the qualification as a trainer for trainees and many years of experience as a Trainee Manager for commercial and industrial apprentices, I offer this service to small and medium sized companies.

This means, that in cooperation with the company I will

  • find the ideal apprentices
  • lead seminars for the development of the apprentices:
    from beginning of apprenticeship to certification as apprentice,
    as well as the start as a skilled employee after the apprenticeship
  • clarify questions of compensation and benefits
  • take care of the organization and realization of career and trainee fairs

Systematic Coaching

I will support you in developing your ideas in such a way, that you find your own solutions and develop them so that they are authentic for your needs.

My own experience in the field of personnel and the certification as a Systematic Coach at 2coach in Hamburg is the base for you for a successful cooperation in meeting your needs.

Someone who takes me by the hand and guides, without me having to completely let go of my responsibility.

Wolfgang G., Restaurant owner, age 48, Nuremberg

After attending the seminar 'Conducting appraisal interviews' I have created my own way of implementing what I have learned. I was given the chance to experience and had one light bulb moment after another. I was also given the space I needed to try out my own needs with other participants in order to practice carrying out appraisal interviews in a company. The time for feedback gave me a greater sense of my authenticity and ideas for further development.

Heiko M., Team Leader, age 31, Hamburg


You have the need for training in your company? I will plan and carry out seminars tailored to your needs and those of your company. These are combined with aspects of systematic coaching and are characterized through self awareness and self knowledge of the participants and will lead to an authentic transfer into your professional application.

Topics of management training include:

  • Conducting job interviews
  • Introduction of new employees
  • Conducting appraisal interviews
  • Conducting exit interviews
  • Intercultural training with co-trainers from the respective countries
  • Expatriation of employees
  • Job Application seminars for professional re-orientation
  • Starting as a skilled employee after aprenticeship


Current dates can be given upon request.

Outplacement and Career Consultant

I will support you in the formulation of your own career in such a way that you will find your future job (employment or entrepreneurship) and will be in successful and satisfied in the long term (because self-determined).
This offer is, on the one hand for companies that would like to give a good new start to their dismissed employees and offer in this connection with outplacement, and on the other hand for the employees, as well.
This service extends to the successful taking up of a new job, ending with the probationary period in the new company or the first half year of the business start-up, respectively.

After 10 years, the end in the branch came so suddenly. So I asked myslf: What do I really want to achieve? Through outplacement consulting I have created my own way and today I have successfully made a new start.

Simon H., age 46

I have the opportunity to be sent to England for 2 years with my family. Our work, the administrative paperwork and our integration was made much easier for us.

Sarah S., Product Manager, age 36, Hamburg


If you are sending employees abroad from your company or to third countries – then I can be of help. I will support you and your employees with the realisation of the expatriation and integration into the new country. This relocation-service will be arranged with you as the client and can include the following services:

  • Intercultural business coaching for the entire family before expatriation for the new life in the target country (English, German and French instruction is possible)
  • Expatriation guidelines and contracts
  • Intercultural training
  • Certification for social insurance E101, visas, housing, administrative aspects, work permits, opening of bank accounts, selection of schools, accompaniment of the expatriated person and family regarding the integration into the new location, etc.

Change Management

I will guide you during the organization and implementation of change processes in your company. Your needs – and those of your employees – should be strongly taken into consideration.
After consultation there will be

  • Informative meetings
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Career consulting


… throughout the entire change process.

My challenge was the combination of 2 sites into one new site - with the support of change management we developed into to a new department and are working more successfully together.

Gisela N., Department Head, age 46, Dresden